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Stone Cold AF Brewery
A brand for alcohol-conscious & non-alcoholic drinkers to own with pride.
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Helping businesses exceed their paid search limitations, and solve the seemingly impossible.
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How We Behave:

The actions we take to bring our cause to life.

Look for creative solutions

Assume there is always a solution and don't give up until we find it.

Connect in meaningful ways

Make relationships personal and let people know we care about them.

Make an impact

Always strive to achieve real results that makes business better.

Learn with a humble mind

Continue to learn and grow. Compete against yourself, not others.

See the bigger picture

Look beyond short-term gains and focus on long-term success.

Practice positive gestures

Give back, no matter how big or small the contribution. 5% of total yearly profits go to a charitable cause.

Who We Work With:

What you might look like

Startup / Small Size Organisation / Business / Company

Small Company

You've found white space in the market, a new product or service that you're ready for the world to embrace. First of all, congratulations! We're excited to hear more about your marvellous creation!

What you may be seeking to fully realise the vision:

○ Brand Clarity
○ Brand Direction
○ Verbal/ Visual Brand Identity

Medium Size Organisation / Business / Company

Medium Enterprise

You've grown from a small company to a medium enterprise, and with this growth, you may have lost the original focus that drove you to this success. An update is overdue to credit your new market position.

What you may be seeking to drive the momentum forward:

○ Brand Refocus
○ Brand Reposition
○ Brand Refresh

Large Size Organisation / Business / Company

Large Organisation

You've done what many people dream of, you've emerged into the big league. You're an industry leader, with the sheer size in market-share and a new level of responsibility, all eyes are on you.

What you may be seeking to continue growing:

○ Brand Remodel
○ Brand Loyalty
○ Brand Reputation

Happy Client say What? -

"What? - Luke used a combination of humor, patience, and professionalism to keep me on track. The step-by-step process helped me narrow my focus while discovering what was important to me."

Boaz Harel. Owner.
Trained Eye Consulting ⟶

Happy Client say What? -

"What? - Very well organised, each milestone deadline was hit, the quality of the work has been superb...Luke is a great guy who has a real interest and passion for your business."

Byron Tassoni-Resch. Founder.
WeDiscover ⟶

Happy Client say What? -

"What? - We are over the moon with our new look ... amazing branding studio, we will certainly be returning in the future to help maintain our website and any other design needs."

Wayne & Tracey Cator. Managing Directors.
Impress Property Services Ltd ⟶

Happy Client say What? -

"What? - Everything that Studio Potts was involved in gained nothing but great feedback from our fans. We even had a direct competitor reach out to us for seats to our show."

Aden Conner. Owner.
Shogun MMA

Happy Client say What? -

"What? - Great at understanding my barriers and pushing me to think differently. We've worked with Luke on several occasions, and I will now always turn to him for work and advice in branding field."

Jeffrey Metcalfe. Founder & Managing Director.
JT Construction Ltd

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