28 Branding Tips for Small Startup Businesses in 2021.

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28 Branding Tips for Small Startup Businesses in 2021.

It's the new year, and you're glad to see the back of 2020? US TOO! 2021 is your year, and no Coronavirus or Johnson is going to stop that this time around. So kick it off right. Get your business off the ground and ready for the year ahead. Here are our 28 quick-fire tips on how to brand your new business in 2021. Ready to apply now.

28 Branding Tips for Startups:

Review your brand more.
👉 Make lists of what's working best AND not working at all.
👉 Don't be afraid to pivot to suit.

Think about:
👉 Features (What does the product/ service offer?)
👉 Benefits (What's in it for the customer?)
👉 Value (What's a compelling reason why they should care?)

3 ways to get to know your audience.
👉 Talk to them online-  directly or in forums/ groups.
👉 Analyse reviews.
👉 Interview/ survey previous customers or clients.

Harness the power of your uniqueness to sell better.
👉 What is it about your offer that makes you more interesting than your competitors?

Give people something to believe in.
👉 What do you stand for beyond making money?
👉 How do you prove it to them?

Understand where you are going
👉 What does the end goal look like?
👉 What are you doing every day to bring it to life?

Keep trust and deliver your promise.
👉 What can your audience expect from you? (Every single time)

Create a persona that sells to your audience.
👉 Who does your brand need to be to connect with your audience?
👉 What personality does your brand have?
👉 How does your brand behave?
👉 How does your brand present itself? (Visuals & Voice)

Logo's shouldn't be overcomplicated.
👉 Can you draw it from memory?
👉 Is it easily identifiable in a crowd of logos?
👉 Does it work at small & large scales?

Have your own style.
👉 Is your style relevant to your goals?
👉 Is your style liked by your audience?
👉 Does your style reflect your personality?

Is your style consistent across all your digital & physical business material?
👉 Does it look like your brand?
👉 Does it sound like your brand?

👉 Consistency builds trust.
👉 Trust is business gold dust.

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