Luke's Founding Story

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Luke's Founding Story

Yes, this is going to be personal, so grab your ice cream. 🍨

I grew up living in a small pit village that prided itself on its racist heritage, and lack of acceptance for anything not deemed 'normal'. To make the story even better, I grew up gay and as a bigger kid. Surrounded by prejudice, you can probably understand without even scratching the surface, I never belonged.

I have felt like an oddball my whole life. Growing up, I believed I was a broken person, and I spent the entirety of my time hiding who I am. I spent the first 17 years of my life keeping every single person I knew at a distance, and the lasting effect of those years still sticks with me to this day...however, it formed my belief system, and it made me who I am.

Cliche. I know.

But every person has a higher purpose, cause or belief, and I believe mine is to help create thriving cultures so that people feel united with other like-minded people. I want as few people as possible to feel as alone as I did.

Culture = "the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society."

Now, I'm not the person who will comfortably go door to door, gather people and be the spoken voice for change. I'm not the next Martin Luther King, Gandhi or Prime Minister of the UK. However, I can and will make a change with the tools and abilities I have as an individual - emotional intelligence, deep thinking and creativity.

A great tool I have gained, is the ability to understand people and emotions. I've been an observer of people from a very young age, and I naturally tend to be quite good at understanding how someone ticks.

The whole reason I began my creative route in life is because of the fact I have always found comfort in relating to people through visuals, over the spoken word. Creativity has always been a communication relief for me.

I studied design from School through to University, immersing myself in design theory, practice, and communication, while maintaining a perfect top grade record - I found my talent.

I worked in 3 different design agencies before starting Studio Potts, including one of the best Brand Agencies in the North East, each ending, unfortunately. 1, False hopes and promises before being told I was too emotional in my process. I cost too much money to the company as they wanted to churn out work, fast and cheap. 2, I was never a part of the team. 3, This one was my best but most disappointing experience. I began to feel a part of a team, enjoyed work and fell in love with branding. I saw myself growing at the company, and they had an extremely loyal member of staff who believed in what they had to offer to the world. An unexpected and unexplained P45, from someone you've never met before, over the Easter weekend will sharp change your opinion though. Translated to not enough work, last in first out. We parted ways.

The difference this time -  I was not willing to allow another person or agency to have control over the success of my ambitions. I immersed myself into anything and everything to do with branding - the agency let me down, but I had genuinely found my passion for connecting businesses to their people. Thus, Studio Potts was born.

A studio dedicated to helping visionary leaders discover their business brand direction, and win the hearts of the company's audience. Combining company and customer culture, to create intelligently beautiful branding that increases business growth, by supporting a thriving culture uniting and empowering like-minded people to achieve their personal and professional ambitions.

I'm grateful for my journey, it made me who I am and gave me my unique perspective on life. However, like any personal story, there is a lot more to be told. But that's for another day. 😉

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