Affordable Brand Starter Kit to help sole traders, startups and small businesses with their brand and branding needs.


Designed for people who are ready to build for their future.

Find brand clarity in Purpose & Values. Gain business direction with Vision & Mission. Make better marketing and sales decisions using Offer, Position & Promise. Rediscover yourself and get ahead of your competition.

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Start building your small business's brand, without the jargon!

The Brand Starter Kit is the most accessible tool for the beginning of your new branding journey. The designed kit is flexible around your needs. And you get full control of the interactive, easy-to-use process with support at each stage.

Complete and test it in the comfort of your own home. Take calculated steps towards building your brand. And revisit and revise freely as your small business grows.

Build your starter brand profile including your Purpose, Vision & Mission Statements, Core Values, Offer, Position and Promise.

The Brand Starter Kit is the perfect brand strategy and marketing solution for Sole traders, Startups, and Small Businesses.

Studio Potts Starter Brand Profile to help businesses with their business, branding, marketing, and sales.
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2. Get a better sense of purpose.

"The Starter Kit gave me a lot more clarity on my core values & purpose. I actually got emotional! It was very powerful to see my purpose statement written down for the first time."

Shaun Mac. CEO at Shaun Mac - Digital Network Marketing.

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3. Get confidence in your brand and branding knowledge.

"My starter Kit results made me feel proud. It was a lot easier to have the kit help you take a step back and evaluate your business."

Dijon Moore. Managing Director at FANoty Limited - The Best App for FANtasy Football.

4. Get an idea for areas to build-on.

"The Starter Kit made me realise the direction I want the business to go and that I need to find a clearer point of difference to sell it better."

Joanne Doughty. Founder at Always Being Social.

White woman wearing glasses typing on laptop surrounded by art equipment, pens, pencils, paintings, paint brushes.Self employed asian business woman working from home with her young child.

5. Take a step closer to freedom.

"My main goal in life to create freedom for us, in whichever sense of the word you relate. I'm here to support everyday people, who are like me, the best ways I know how to. Helping others who are trying to make a better future for themselves and their families. That's what Studio Potts is all about."

Luke Potts. Creative Founder at Studio Potts.

Benefits of the Brand Starter Kit

1. Get a clear direction.

"The Starter Kit helped me to redefine my entire business. I found it incredible that it has affected me as much as it has."

Helen Harper. Owner at HHH Self Defence and UFC Fighter.

What's Included

Branding Crash Course


A quick-fire, jargon-free document that teaches you the basics of branding. It covers brand strategy, brand story, brand identity, and brand touchpoints. Essential for all businesses.

Q&A Style Worksheets


The worksheets are designed with relevant thought-provoking questions to get you thinking deeply about your brand and audience. It will help inform your framework and build up your authentic brand profile.

Interactive Framework


The interactive framework is the tool you will use to build up your starter brand profile. It streamlines your thought process and gets results.

Starter Brand Profile


Your starter brand profile is your final result from completing your Q&A worksheets and interactive framework. It is printable and ready to use as a reference when considering business decisions, marketing efforts, and sales.

How-to-use Document


Does what it says on the tin. We don't expect you to be an expert. The document breaks down how branding applies to different areas of your business. Simply.

Suggested Resources


Appropriate resources that you can research into and further your branding knowledge. Nothing too overwhelming.

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Start building your small business's brand, without the jargon! -

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Helen "Hellraiser" Harper, Owner and Head Coach at small business HHH Self Defence and professional UFC Fighter & Athlete.

Helen Harper

"For a perfectly concise way of defining your brand, look no further. The Brand Starter Kit will ask you questions you had never even considered, enabling you to hone in on your business and its message in a way you had never previously thought."

Owner at HHH Self Defence and UFC Fighter.